R.E.S. Solutions, Inc. provides a variety of services for nuclear medicine cameras and equipment. Whether you are a hospital nuclear medicine department, imaging clinic, cardiology office, or equipment manufacturer, R.E.S. has the experience and flexibility to work with you. We specialize in Sopha Medical Systems, SMV / GE "DS" nuclear medicine camera lines. Our services include cardiac and general nuclear camera sales (used or refurbished), service repair, preventive maintanance, camera relocations, and parts sales. There are many options for your system needs. We look forword for the oportunity to provide you quality economical services. Thank you for time while visiting our site.  




 Large field of view dual detector systems. "Not new but Not used" or "Demo" systems still in the box from GE.





 R.E.S. has economical solutions for Nuclear Cardiology. We can provide complete gamma camera and processing computer packages for the cardiac practice getting started in nuclear imaging or existing practices.               ..... more info

Providing quality lower cost scanning systems for hospitals and imaging clinics. R.E.S. has refurbished duel and single large field detector cameras. Our single detector are great for sites needing the ability to image stretcher patients, lung scans, bone scans, or other functions requiring difficult positionsing...... more Info


Part availablity is one of the most inportant aspects of providing reliable service to most products. R.E.S. has built a large supply of GE/SMV, Sopha Medical Systems, and some Summit camera and computer parts. Providing whole systems, used, repaired, refurbished, and new replacement parts.....more Info


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