SMV Parts

R.E.S. has all the parts needed for the GE SMV gamma camera systems. We ship anywhere in the world. Late overnight shipping available. We can Fed Ex as late as 10:00 PM eastern time. Technical phone support provided on parts. We can also install parts when required. Parts come with at least a 120 day warranty, some maybe longer.

Our prices are reasonable and usually a fraction the cost of the big company.

Our Services

Prices do not include shipping. Most parts require the core (old) part to be returned.
19" LCD touch screen display monitor
Part #RESLCD19T  ->Replaces part# 1750154
$3400  (6 month warranty)
   Custom Patient Bed Pad
Fits Scintibed I,II, and III. Also fits GE Infinia beds
1.25" thick. 1/2" layer of firm foam with 3/4" layer of soft foam
Part # RESpadG
   Electronic - Patient Safety Pad DST-XLi and DST-XL
Part # 1006029
$2300 with return, ($3150 without return part)


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